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Check out Katherine’s new movie with Patrick Wilson named Home Sweet Hell. This movie is full of murder and mayhem.

Check it out!

I’ve been adding thousands of Screen-caps from Katherine’s Movies and TV Series including her special appearance in episode 5 of The Twilight Zone. I’m currently working on captures of Roswell season 2. Check what has been added this month to the gallery:


My friend has been looking to buy a house in Eagle Mountain, Utah and has found some fantastic homes via this website http://karenklynch.com/property/eagle-mountain-ut/. I didn’t know how beautiful the Utah desert was. This small town is nestled on the west side Utah Lake with a golf course, bike trails, walking trails, parks and all kinds of fun things for the kids.

Take a look at this great little town and tell me what you think?

Thanks for dropping buy!

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