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Is It True

Is it true you can download free movies?

Well Yes and No!

You can find a lot of places to download legal movies online, however if you think you are going to download a movie that as just hit the theaters then you’re sadly mistaken. Movies that are still in the theaters are no way legal to download. For more information about downloading movies legally visit http://klcrs.com/sites/free-movie-downloads/ and see which sites are trust worthy.

Okay on with movies in theaters now…

Terminator Genisys

Jurassic World

Ted 2

Magic Mike XXL

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Perk Packages

Katherine Heigl is and still is a television star and all the time she was raising her young children.



With recent comments on how the studio’s treat actresses with kids, apparently Katherine is uncomfortable with “perk packages” that stars get because she just doesn’t have enough time.

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No More McDreamy

It looks like everybody was surprised including Katherine!

Say it ain’t so! Katherine Heigl was just as surprised by Patrick Dempsey’s exit from Grey’s Anatomy as everyone else. Read Full Story


So what is the real reason McDreamy was killed off?

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Katherine Heigl Interview Nut Job

Watch this interview about the Nut Job movie.

Adding More

I’ve been adding thousands of Screen-caps from Katherine’s Movies and TV Series including her special appearance in episode 5 of The Twilight Zone. I’m currently working on captures of Roswell season 2. Check what has been added this month to the gallery:

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